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Publication ethics

The Journal of Speech and Language Therapy only publishes studies in which the international ethical standards have been met. It includes:

With respect of the publication, authorship and authors responsibilities

The authors declare any conflict of interest.

The authors agree with the submission of the paper to the Journal of Speech and Language Therapy and with the authors` order

The authors send original studies, not published, partially or completely, and not submitted at the same time to other journals.

The authors show real data, not illicitly manipulated. If any licit manipulation of the data has been carried out by authors, they explain it in the proper epigraph of the manuscript.

The authors declare institutional or economical support received to perform the study submitted.

The authors count with the necessary permissions in the case that they send files that need such rights

With respect of the revision and its process

The submitted papers will be reviewed by two external reviewers. Their conclusions will be sent to editor and authors as soon as possible.

The revision process is blinded. Nor the authors will know the identity of the reviewers, neither the reviewers will know the identity of the authors. Reviewers, if explicitly ask for it, can sign the revisions.

The reviewers inform about any conflict of interest.

The judgments of the reviewers are objective. The reviewers make their best effort to make a professional work, with respectful comments to authors in their suggestions and conclusions.

With respect of the editors

The editors declare any conflict of interest with respect of the authors or papers. A new editor is assigned in its case.

The editors are the responsible of the last decision about the rejection or acceptance of the manuscript.

The editors make their best effort to maintain the anonymity of authors and reviewers.

The editor performs corrections or retractions if needed.

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